Monday, 7 August 2017

Tap takeover, Cloisters Edinburgh

Our beers get to Scotland quite a bit nowadays courtesy of James at Boot Liquor wholesale, but when we were offered the chance of a tap takeover at Cloisters we jumped at it mainly because it gave us the excuse to reprise last year's trip up to Scotland, this time Edinburgh not Glasgow, and the infamous train journey with a bottle of wine each.... and that's before we'd done the pub crawl, and then the drinking at the tap takeover....

Ah well, it all went swimmingly, pretty much, so here's a few photos from the day in Auld Reekie to show what we got up to!

Twiggy trainspotting at Crewe

Train breakfast


"I'm sure it's around here somewhere...."


Cumberland Bar

6 degrees North

6 Degrees North

Cask and Barrel


Into the old town
Finding Thompsons bar.... final call!

Cloisters beer board

full list!

outside Cloisters

Inside Cloisters!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sardinia visit - with beer (and sea)!

We were invited by "Gorgeous" Dave Hemstock of Raw brewery to go to Sardinia with him to the Fermento Sardo beer festival near Olbia along with 9 kegs of our beers.... erm, OK then, where do we sign up?

So, here's what we got up to.... it basically involved continuous eating, drinking and even getting in the sea!  The festival went on until very very late, then we did an overnight ferry to Rome for a few hours wandering around in 37c heat before the flight back!

We'll be back....

Glass of wine before the flight!

Bristol airport

At the beach!

Well, they said get in the sea,.....

She looks much better in the sea than I do!

Us, in the sea.

Waiting for a cup of tea that never came :( 


We're ready!

Antoni from the Trulla brewpub

Our kegs arrive!

Pizza dinner


The less able barstaff

First keg to go!  Lucifer Juice I think...

busy busy

look at that queue for our beer!

Is this a tick?

Piggies cooking

Final meal / drinks before the ferry

Gorgeous Dave on the beach

In the sea!

Food at Antoni's place

traffic problems

brewery tour at Marduk

Brewery tour at Zemyna

Moby Tommy loading at Olbia

Approaching Civitavecchia

Dawn over Civitavecchia

Final call - Football pub, Rome

Monday, 24 July 2017

Another meet the brewers - Artisan, Buxton

We've got quite a few meet the brewers planned at the present moment, with Derby and Edinburgh coming up soon... for now, however, we headed off to the lovely Derbyshire town of Ashbourne where Artisan is located, the bar run by Paul Duke of the most excellent Dukes Ales beer wholesalers of Buxton.

The event was ticketed and held upstairs in an amazing room with huge crux beams; apparently it's the second oldest building in town!  We presented (talked about, then rambled on about all manner of subjects) 7 of our beers in order...

  • Hopcraft Ghost in the Circuit (cask)
  • Hopcraft / Waen Bumper to Bumper (keg)
  • Hopcraft Wolf (cask)
  • Waen Lemon Drizzle (keg)
  • Waen Pamplemousse (cask)
  • Hopcraft Campania Neapolitan milk stout (keg)
  • Waen Snowball (white chocolate and Raspberry edition) (cask)

One amusing incident was when everyone laughed when Sue said "cock".... apparently there had been a sweepstake on when she'd say it!

With pretty much universal good responses from the knowledgeable and engaged audience who asked questions, listened and showed appreciation when required!  The whole thing took a couple of hours and finished, once the last customers had left, with a lot of gin, rum and a bottle of very rare Buxton beer!  

Next morning involved a very good quality and large full English before the drive back to Wales...hard work, this meet the brewers lark!

obligatory van selfie (with Twigs!)

Obligatory "pre mtb" selfie

Explaining something or other

Sue telling em how it is

Gazza with owner Paul Duke...